Reserve the luxury apartments in Ibiza

Ever dreamt about what qualities a dream vacation has? 

How about soaking up the sun at the sandy beaches, watching the sky change its colors, the emerald and blue waters, the coolest clubs, world-class food, fun & entertaining people, and the quintessential markets? 

If the above-mentioned experiences sound like a perfect vacation, mark Ibiza, Spain as your next go-to destination for this Mediterranean Sea has all this and more! 

Ibiza on top of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for its exotic nightlife, electrifying clubs, breathtaking beaches & spectacular islands such as Es Vedra & Formentera

Visiting Ibiza? Hunt Hotels have a list of top-class hotels that will make your stay in this already exceptional city more thrilling! 

A majority of tourists search for “boas near me” as when it comes to the luxury apartments Ibiza, its reputation precedes itself. 

Why stay at the Las Boas Luxury Apartament

These gorgeous colorful apartments are a sight to behold! They were constructed by the famous architect Jean Nouvel & their ideal location places them in the heart of Ibiza. 

Choosing to stay at the Las Boas Ibiza you can enjoy amenities like 

  • Free parking, free wifi, free on-site parking
  • An outdoor pool, a kids pool & gym access
  • Fully air-conditioned rooms with kitchenettes (all necessary appliances included)
  • Relax in the sitting area & enjoy flat screen TV
  • Access the balcony/patio 
  • Laundry and concierge services are also available
  • There is no housekeeping and pets are not allowed 

The cherry on top is that the rooms are near the beach, so you can visit whenever you feel like it! 

Ibiza Apartamentos is one of the most searched accommodations in Spain. Looking to stay here? Book yours through Hunt Hotels and find the best rates!