Booking hotel; Then vs Now! 

With the advent of technology and its constant advancement, without a doubt many daily tasks have been made easier. 

Same can be said for traveling and hotel booking experiences. To imagine spending hours of tiresome flight only to find an under delivering or low ranking hotel to stay at, is a struggle on its own.

Hence in olden times, the only convenient option available was the famous hotel chains that made their name by sheer hard work. 

Booking hotels online has however bridged a huge gap between the business and consumers and made things conducive. 

Especially due to the social media reach which allows tourists to view almost all the information about a particular hotel, thus making the ‘hotel booking’ process a whole lot easier. 

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Things you need to be aware of while booking hotels

Now before booking a hotel, tourists must make sure to check out the hotel rating, guests reviews, location, facilities, amenities, transport arrangement and most importantly the terms and conditions along with hotel rules & guidelines in order to avoid any inconvenience. 

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While booking hotels, some of the most common concerns that are observed are related to the age restrictions with hotel booking and the conundrums related to early hotel check-in

Lucky for you, Hunt hotels has already answered these, along with many other traveling concerns in their blogs