Whenever you come across the word “London”, it instantly runs a series of fascinating images right in front of your eyes. 

London’s unpredictable, yet poised weather – a light drizzle followed by a heavy snowfall – tea – brick architecture and bibliosmia (the scent of pages). 

The essence of it all has been associated with this mesmerizing mountain rich European Country that has a vintage aspect of life. 

From being home to the literary marvel, William Shakespeare to culture rich glorious stone castles, The United Kingdom encompasses a historical legacy in its very grounds. 

Enlisting a limited number of most attractive tourist destinations is arduous since you get a new spot every few miles when in the UK! 

The following lists are enclosed with careful evaluation of customer ratings, positive reviews, interactive & meaningful visits

(Just to let you in on a secretThese places are heavenly for a photoshoot! *wink*)


Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, home to the royals of the United Kingdom is known to be a city wonder. 

It is considered to be one of the top tourist spots due to its diversified history and architecture. 

Comprising 775 rooms & 760 windows, this spacious palace keeps the inside of this building glistening from dusk till dawn. 

The inside of the palace consists of rooms we can only think of! 

The Music Room – The BallRoom – The Throne Room (Certainly nothing like the one in GOT! & the list of exquisites goes on! )

The Palace is open for tourists from all over the world between the months of July and October (for state apartment visits) via admission charge other than the usual, free of cost visit to ‘Changing of the Guard’ at 11.30 am everyday.

The London Eye

The London Eye – A world renown emblematic ferris wheel. 

Weighing more than over a million pounds, this wheel was a product of  an idea proposed by power couple , David Marks and Julia Barfield as celebration to the millenia competition back in 1993.

It has become a center of attraction for many due to its architectural design and height that gives a far off view of London. 

Spinning at the speed of .6 miles per hour, it takes around 30 minutes to complete a single ride that you can get for a minimum of £30. 

This advanced piece of architecture adds a modern value to London’s historical identity which is a must have experience!

Madame Tussauds Museum

Apart from being home to a diverse heritage, a must visit tourist spot for many in London is the Madame Tussauds Museum, established in 1835 – or as many others call it ‘The Wax Museum’

Founder of Madame Tussaud’s museum “Marie Grosholtz”, was a French-born wax sculptor. 

Covering all the historical, political and social sectors, this famous museum comprises more than 300 sterling, life-like figurines. 

In the 14 interactive areas of Madame Tussauds Museum, tourists are encouraged to take photos with their most hearted celebrities, politicians & historians.

Interesting Fact : 

According to the museum management, a single wax figure costs around three hundred thousand dollars and weeks of intricate labor to complete! 


The Beatles

Liverpool – A city that is birthplace to the world renowned pop-band, ‘The Beatles’. 

With four brilliant artists, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr the band started out in 1960 – England. 

The Beatles had a huge role to play in making Liverpool famous all around the globe since many of their songs and videos feature the streets of Liverpool. 

The Beatles are known to have brought an influential wave not just in the UK but all around the world, especially in the US where they were always welcomed with screaming fans. 

To this day – their music is loved and cherished by people of every age, which is why it is one of the top attractions for tourists in Liverpool! 

While in Liverpool, be sure to visit The Beatle Story & The Liverpool Beatle Museum.

Interesting Fact :

 In 1980, Beatles main song writer ‘John Lennon’ was murdered in New York City, while Ringo & Paul are still alive and playing!

Museum of Liverpool

Liverpool holds the most number of museums within a city, each one famous for its unique collection.

Located at close quarters, it is possible for tourists to hit all spots in a single day if they skip the in-depth analysis of antiquities.   

Apart from its elegant architecture, the museum of Liverpool is also known for its collection of social & communical, regional archaeology, land transport, the beatles and the king’s regiment – which is why it attracts most tourists! 

With 374 types of experiences including aquariums, planetariums & titanic lores – tourists can visit the museum free of cost from 10am to 6pm on all days except for Mondays!

Liverpool Cathedral

With a 4.8 rating on Google, Liverpool Cathedral ranks 3rd for the most attractive tourist spot. 

In addition to being visually bewitching, the Liverpool Cathedral is the 5th largest cathedral in all Europe. 

Its architecture displays one of the largest Gothic arches ever constructed, along with the world’s heaviest church bells – which is a sight to behold. 

Tourists are allowed to visit free of charge. 

Also known as the Cathedral Church of the Risen Christ, this majestic building comprises an exquisite lady chapel where marriage ceremonies can be held along with other large events.


Harewood House Trust

Spread over a thousand acres, Harewood House Trust’s construction took eleven whole years! 

The house belongs to Lascelles family, but its ownership has been transferred to the Harewood House Trust. 

Currently, the 8th Earl of Harewood resides in the house along with his family. 

Harewood House Trust has an interactive website that allows visitors to know about the upcoming events and its details. 

Tourists can visit the houses – church – bird gardens & grounds with a little fee.  

Apart from being open for casual visitors, this tale-like manor has been host to multiple films.

Tip  (If you fancy Downton Abbey – the movie, you can definitely add this place to your wish list!)

Leeds Castle

Looking at the Leeds Castle, if you envy the royals that spent their evenings here, I’m with you! 

The castle got its name from a Saxon chief “Leed” who owned the place.

Situated between the two islands, this castle is straight out of a fairytale. 

Its magnificent outlook is why it’s called  ‘the loveliest castle in the world’ has to be something! 

The scenic breathtaking views and raw rigidness of the castle with its unique entrances & drawbridges, can take any one back to the medieval times.

Tourists are allowed to visit the castle with a handsome fee (that lasts a whole year!) with a handful of family oriented activities. 

Hands down the best tourist destination!

The Royal Armouries

There are around 20 museums in the Leeds area, each one famous for possessing hundreds of ancient artifacts that can keep the tourists indulged.

From art galleries to discovery centers, heritage displays, milling industries, the famous Museum of Medicine and what not. 

But the one museum that has had the most visitors than Leeds City Museum is The Royal Armouries. 

Being the oldest museum & home to the yearly International Jousting Tournament , The Royal Armouries  displays the UK’s national collection of arms & armour that is over 5000 years old. 

With a Google rating of 4.7, this museum displays around 8500 ancient artifacts and doesn’t even cost a penny to visit! 

This museum offers exquisite stories pertaining to old age weaponry along with the most thrilling Escape Room experience on weekends. 

Visitors can enjoy daily and weekly events along with combat demonstrations, these unique experiences are a pied piper for tourists visiting Leeds.


If you’re wondering why the top 3 tourist destinations do not include the world wonder stonehenge, we’d like to mention, despite being hysterically awe-spiring, there’s not a lot you can do at this spot. ( Although – If you want to try performing one of the healing rituals – you have our blessing.)

Sea City Museum

Again, as London is up and down filled with museums, the most interactive museum (according to reviews) is the Sea City Museum. 

Side Note: If aviation sparks an interest, you can always visit the Solent Sky Museum, but it has more seeing than experiencing. 

Sea City Museum marked its birth in April – 2012. 

As the Titanic incident centers the residents of Southampton, The Sea City Museum is famous for its exhibition of the Titanic Story. 

The museum holds several events along with the permanent exhibitions related to Titanic, Gateway to the World & Southampton Stories. ( And a ship stimulator that you can navigate! )

It has a full service spacious Gallery Cafe, a gift store and an educational zone that offers workshops too!  

You can visit the museum with a ticket costing 13 pounds per adult and 10 pounds for kids under 16.

Highclere Castle & Gardens

If you can recall the movie ‘Cinderella’, you must remember the garden where she spoke to the Prince after their dance, Highclere Castle portrays a similar image – in fact, an even better one! 

Built in 1679, this five thousand acre land was transformed in its current shape by Sir Charles Barry.

Comprising 270+ rooms, during WW1 this house had also served as a hospital for the wounded & a home to children in WW2.

A confined shooting spot for Downton Abbey, that made a yearly profit of 1.5 million dollars! 

Highclere is a dreamy castle with high walls and spacious lush green gardens that would be perfect for a ceremony. ( or a lifetime residence )  

Luckily, if your budget allows you can get married at this awe-struck castle for around 25 thousand dollars. 

It costs around 20 pounds for an adult and 13 pounds for a child above 4. Prices for seniors, disabled and students vary. 

Tourists can visit some of the rooms, cellars, an Egyptian Exhibition and the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Southampton City Art Gallery

Southampton City Art Gallery is an amazing tourist destination especially for art lovers! 

The gallery’s  journey started back in 1939 but the opening had to be postponed till 1946 due to WW2 damages. 

Home to more than 5300 art works from 6 centuries, the gallery has so much to offer to its tourists. 

Featuring open exhibitions, online exhibitions, art shows , community gallery & the foyer (local art from emerging artists), the gallery successfully keeps the tourists busy with its delicacies.  

The gallery remains open all days of the week except Sunday – timing varies on different days.


London has so much to offer it can not be encompassed in a single blog or even a book. 

Each spot comes with its own history. 

From towers like Big Ben to the London bridge, art, theater and comedy – there’s nothing this country lacks! 

Surrounded by diverse cultural heritage and dreamy scenic locations, England is definitely one of the most favored tourist destinations. 

Be it an educational trip, family vacation or a romantic getaway, the aura of the UK favors all! 

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Let us know about your favorite UK spots in the comments below!