Hotel Booking Requirements for Business vs Leisure

Two of the most common reasons why people book a hotel room include business and leisure trips.

For business stays, usually guests happen to spend half their day in their rooms, which is why the hotel booking criteria for them is different from those visiting for other reasons.

Whereas, families, couples and solo travellers are most likely to go out and enjoy the festivities of nearby locations.

However, this list of 19 hotel booking mistakes by Hunt hotels is something common among all parties!

Stretch your Penny – The Common Monetary Hoaxes

1- Currency Conversions for international stay

One of the most ignorant things international travellers do, is to forget the currency conversions.

The hotels show costs in their own currency, unless you’re using a website like Hunt hotels that allows you to see the bookings in your local rates.

If you happen to pay via credit card, there’s a high probability of you being charged heavily for the conversion.

Always be mindful about the selected currency and calculate your price range beforehand so you can avoid possible inconvenience.

2- Forsake refund/cancellation policies

Refund and cancellation policies must be read with each reservation. It is a very common mistake for people to choose cheap rooms, being ignorant of the fact that they would not be able to get a refund on that.

Usually, guests also ignore the dates along with terms and conditions mentioned for claiming a refund or cancelling a reservation.

Stay alert! Don’t fall for the micro-text hiding away at some corner of your selected deal. If you can’t find it, feel free to ask the hotel manager or customer service.

Hunt hotels provides an amazing customer service – aimed at real time assistance. Ask questions without any hesitations!

3- Shying away from the money-talk

Just because you’ve a reservation at a 4 star hotel, does not simply imply that it’s inclusive of all the general facilities.

Another common mistake guests make is to think that wifi – parking – breakfast – room service – pool – gym – spa etc. is all free.

I condole your innocence.

It is imperative that you ask your reservationist about the services that are included in your deals. If you don’t, you’ll be getting a baffling shock at the end of your very-relaxing stay.

Possible Discounts

4- Additional Charges

Asking is key. You can not expect to get something if you don’t ask for it.

In case you will be spending most of your day outside the hotel, ask your reservation manager if they can wipe off the service charges for these facilities.

You can use this hack for wifi, housekeeping, parking fee, gym & spa services etc. as well.

Tip : If you speak nicely – there’s a high chance they just might!

5- Notify Special Events

Again, good things come to those who ask for it.

If you’re booking a hotel to celebrate a special event, like a birthday, anniversary, bridal shower, so and so, do inform your reservationist!

  1. Doing so increases your chances of getting a special treatment or an upgrade.
  2. You know how the best publicity is done through social media platforms these days, hotels will try to be on their best behaviour for positive endorsements!

6- Military Discounts

Every country simply loves their soldiers, their bravery and sacrifices.

You’ll be surprised to see how many global hotel chains offer special discounts to military personnel.

So, if you serve in the Army or you have a spouse that does, feel free to use this card next time you find yourself in a hotel!

7- Discounts and Comparative Fares

Another very common mistake guests make is not comparing the hotel prices and asking for a match when they reserve their hotel rooms.

Hotels are inclined to take on more and more guests, so if by adjusting the prices a little they can have you on board, it really is worth a shot.

As for the discounted deals, don’t hop out of your shoes at the first glance of cheap rooms and major discounts.

Take the distance of your destinations into account. You don’t want to book a room for $50 and spend another $50 travelling to and fro.

Sometimes it is better to settle for a less equipped room if it means saving up on other expenses.

Know when to book a room, avoid the peak time and days.

According to travel experts it is best to confirm your bookings on Friday and Saturday, after 4pm to get the best deals.

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Sneaky Hotel Arrangements

8 – Sneaky T & C

Most of the times when you’re making a hotel reservation in a hurry, you do not think of reading the terms and conditions mentioned with the deals.

This can add up to additional charges at the end of your stay.

Or you might feel bummed since you were looking forward to some room facilities that are not included in the package causing you to further fill the corporate pockets.

Sometimes, the rooms that are a little unfit or rather ‘not up to the mark’ are on discounts.

So, read the dates, terms and conditions very carefully. Infact, it is always better to ask why a discount is being offered.

The Nitty Gritty

9- Room Selection

As a common rule of thumb, if you are out of town for a relaxing stay, to calm your nerves, you would want to stay in a quiet room. Far away from the constant elevator dings and loud hyperactive children.

To do so, make sure you ask for a room on the top floors of the hotels rather than the one on lower floors.

It is also wise to ask if the room was recently renovated, if yes, make sure everything works fine. Especially the water taps and thermostats.

This could save you from changing rooms later on, which is a struggle in itself!

10- Context of Stay

You know how ‘comes with a view’ rooms cost way more than the normal ones?

The only time you get such a room is If you intend to spend your entire day at the hotel.

Imagine exploring the town all day and coming back to your hotel room only to get some sleep and still getting slapped with an enormous bill.

Sounds absurd, I know!

11- Credit Card Payments

Okay, it is understandable that with the current security breaches and credit card frauds we are all hesitant to use our cards.

But in this case, you have to trust me on this.

Using credit cards for your hotel booking can get you huge discounts and rewards from your banks and not just on the rooms!

Besides, it’s easier to get refunds on your cards.

12 – Attitude Adjustment

In a world full of busy, rude and arrogant people, a smile goes a long way!

You can literally make someone’s day with your polite conduct.

As you know hotels are very busy and there’s a lot of hustle bustle, don’t panic and lose your calm.

Treat the hotel staff nicely and throw in some courteous words.

This not only lightens the mood, since these workers know everything going on in and around the hotel, they can be your best guides for the stay.

The Abominable Overlooked Booking Facts

13- Vicinity

Again, discounts don’t mean squat if you are stuck in a place with limited to no cell service and poor tracks.

Always – always – always check the local areas in which your hotel is situated.

Apart from the local amenities like gas stations and convenience stores, be sure that the area is safe enough and you can easily get transport in and out.

14- Special requests

If you know you’ll need something additional on your stay, make sure to convey it to your hotel.

Sometimes guests just assume that hotels will be equipped with wheelchairs and changing stations, have their own transport services etc. but that is not always the case.

So to avoid any inconvenience, the best step would be to ask.

15- Neglecting Eatery

A majority of people forget to check the type of food items being offered in a hotel.

Your best bet would be to review the menu if you plan to dine at your booked hotel.

Do keep an eye out for the items you’re allergic to, you have no idea what goes into making a dish.

16- Believing what you see

Since 80% of the population book hotels based on their online presence, businesses make it their goal to present themselves in the best possible manner.

Do not fall for this trap. You don’t always get what you see.

These impeccable pictures are perfected & curated by interior designers and even then veiled by a thousand filters.

To avoid being catfished, always check the pictures posted by real guests.

17- Double-checking Reservations

It is normal for people to just make their bookings and forget about the deed till their actual travel date.

Talk about living on the edge!

Not to instil insecurity, but check and check again.

If you are booking your hotel with a travel website, make sure you confirm the details from the actual hotel as well.

18- Confounding Hotel Names

Well this is a sneaky technique used by fellow hoteliers to feast on innocent clients.

Hotels can use the same names as most visited hotels, this can cause confusion while you select yours.

The best solution is to check the address and contact numbers mentioned on the original websites. And while you confirm your reservations, ask the location, this way you’ll be sure-sure!

19- Loyalty Points

Don’t we all love it when we’re greeted and welcomed with love & affection?

Well you can enjoy the same perks if you happen to travel a lot.

Hotel chains are very big on their loyal customers who always end up staying at their hotels, so they offer loyalty points which is nothing less than icing on a cake.

These loyalty points can help you save big & make your stay worthwhile with special priority treatments!

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Well this concludes the long list of how you can be falling for the same pitfall over and over again while booking your hotels!

Here’s another piece of advice for the travel geeks, maintain a checklist that you can use for each one of your tours and travel smart!

Hopefully, now you’ll be on a look out!

Happy hotel hunting.

Hunt hotels is providing extremely reliable hotels booking deals for your next trip!