The Truth about hotel star rating systems : What are 4 star hotels

If you love traveling, booking hotels comes as part of a package, unless you’re the adventurous type who’s more into camping!

But for those more sophisticated ones out there, selecting and booking a hotel for each stay is definitely a chore. 

So while you begin to hunt for possible hotel options, you must have encountered the words ‘3 star hotel, 4 star hotel, 5 star hotel and so on’.

Ever wondered how exactly the whole hotel star rating system works and who rates them? Are these ratings accurate and credible? Do they have a universal stance?

Well, to entertain this enigmatic brainworm, Hunt hotels has come up with some info-taining facts about the hotel star rating system

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The Concept of Hotel Star Rating System 

The hotel star rating system originated in the 1958s by an oil company by the name of Mobil Travel Guide, which is today known as the Forbes Travel Guide

This was done so that people traveling to the US could easily indicate the facilities and services that could be expected from the hotels. 

Higher stars suggested luxury, whereas the low number of stars pointed towards basic necessities being fulfilled.  

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Hotel Rating Criteria 

Hotel star rating system, however convenient, is not universal. 

Meaning, every country has its own rating system – extending to 4 stars and 5 stars. The US typically follows a 5 star rating system. 

In the US, hotels can be rated by independent companies, such as AAA, certain travel agencies, travel associations & even the travel websites

So, just because you see less stars in a hotel, it does not automatically imply that the hotel lacks hygiene, is unsuitable, (haunted) or cheap. 

But with more stars you can definitely expect world class facilities and best services! 

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Hotels with best value for money ; It’s all written in the stars 

Mind you, the ratings on travel agency websites are totally different from the actual hotel ratings. 

Reason being the multitudinous factors such as client reviews, first hand experiences, value for money and so on. 

Why the 4 star hotels?

Majority of people looking for an upscale comfort, search for 4 star hotels near me while traveling. 

This is because of the upheld assumption that these hotels will offer you top tier services while being less expensive. 

Without a doubt, 4 star hotels are perfect for an extended stay, since you get to properly utilize most of the facilities offered. 

For countries that use a 4 star hotel rating system, it means that you’re heading for the most luxurious & sumptuous hotel experience, as its top of the line. 

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Why the 5 star hotels?

Tourists that love to bask in luxury and enjoy deluxe facilities & services are usually found looking for “5 star hotels near me”.

At these hotels, you can expect everything to be out of this world, starting from the exterior, architecture to the hotel interior, lobby, restaurant, rooms and the recreational areas. 

Tourists at such hotels also expect to receive premium customer services.

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More than 65 percent of people travel for holiday & vacation purposes, and while they do so, a majority of them prefers home-like comfort, convenience and luxury – sometimes even more. 

This is one of the main reasons people prefer 4 star and 5 star hotels as they provide added comfort and extravagance.

If you’re staying at a 4 star or 5 star hotel, let’s be honest it will be expected of you to tip a little more than if you were staying at a mediocre one. 

However, anything between 3 to 10 dollars is appropriate.

Both hotels and motels provide necessary accommodation to the guests, however, if you are looking for a more secure stay that offers services as well as the necessary facilities, hotels are a better option. 

But .. if you have your own transport and prefer hopping in and out on your time, staying at a motel will suit you.

The minute you start to believe that this is the best of the best, something better pops right up!

Same is the case with luxury, the latter seems to sky rocket the former in terms of quality, service and what not. 

So, that is exactly the difference between 5 star and 7 star hotels. Where 5 star hotel luxury is affordable for the masses, the 7 star hotels are accessible for the top brass.


The refurbished variants of hotels add more and more to the comfort and convenience of guests by improving and improvising based on the guest’s needs and demands. 

This culture has not only created abundant viable options for less paying customers, but has also ameliorated the services and facilities that aid to expand their outreach. 

It would not be wrong to say that the media presence of these entities has played a major role in bridging the gap between consumers and hotel management for the betterment of both! 

So whether you want to stay at a 3 star hotel or a 4 star hotel, comb through the customer reviews and talk to the hotel management to get a better idea of what you’re getting yourself