Traveling and exploring new destinations is not only exciting and thrilling, it is also a dream come true for many. People save up for the most part of their lives to have their desired vacation. (unless you belong to the other half)

If you’re thinking travel planning is far-fetched and anyone can manage a trip without it, I hate to break it to you, you can’t be more wrong. 

For future travels, wishing to not blow their brains out with stress, travel expense management and luggage arrangements during their dream-vacay, Hunt hotels has compiled a list of 15 essential tasks from pre-travel to actual travel – keeping everything in mind.  

Follow through for a safe, successful and fun filled tour!

Pre Travel Plan

Here’s a list of 4 things you need to take into consideration before you begin to plan your trip.

1 – Find your stay

However enigmatic, this world is full of miraculous destinations. Whether it’s the countries on the top hemisphere or the bottom, each has something staggering to offer. 

Most people prefer locations based on its visual aesthetics. Wondrous mountains – breathtaking seashores – mesmerizing serene views and so on. While some are more inclined towards countries that have more to offer in history – archaeology and cultural aspects. 

Choose your travel destination according to your taste and company. If you are accompanied by children, you might want to skip the nerdy stuff.

2Check visa requirements

Once you have made a decision of where you’d like to go, it is now time to do essentials. 

First and foremost, for anyone visiting a new country it is an absolute compulsion to check the visa requirements. For some countries you do not need to go through the whole process of acquiring a visa.  You can find detailed information of travel documentation for tourists on the desired country’s website. 


If you are a diplomat, celebrity or politician, chances are you’ll get that visa in no time. If not, you might need some time to gather all the required information, so keep in mind the waiting period before you plan further.

3 – Go through country  rules & regulations

Once you’ve received your visa in due time the next step would be to read up on the rules and regulations for tourists. Every country has its own set of rules that you need to get yourself familiarized with. 

For instance, carrying a sharp object, public smoking, and public swearing are considered punishable crimes in a few countries. Read the dos and don’ts of that particular country to avoid any trouble.

4 – Get travel insurance

This step is optional. Since travel insurance is expensive in most states, not everyone will be willing to go for it. However, if you can afford to put a few bucks on the side, travel insurance can be extremely beneficial. 

This can be a lifesaver in a foriegn land in case you have a medical or travel emergency.  A few travel insurance companies offer luggage & personal effects  insurance as well. Depending on your pocket, you can choose the best package for yourself or your family. 

Tourism Plan

Once you move past the 4 major tasks, it’s time to straighten the rest of your plan.

5 – Research best tourists spots

Depending upon the country you’ve selected, it’s always wise to dig a little deeper. Use the internet to find the best tourist spots. But don’t plan your whole trip around it. 

Some of the most famous tourist destinations are costly and crowded. Be aware of the situation and try to explore the country for its sweet local secret spots as well.

6- Check fares & fee

You don’t want to be startled by the ticket prices and cancel your intended tours at the very last minute. 

Take advantage of the blogs and websites that give you complete information of the opening time of locations along with the costs of tickets for adults and kids. 

This can give you an estimated amount of how much you’ll be needing in order to hit your favorite spots.

7- Locate and assess best hotels

Depending on the cities and locations you’ll be visiting, it’s essential to look for hotels beforehand and make your reservations. 

This will not only save you time when you arrive, but also save you the trouble of finding the best hotels near you on a short notice. Take your time to carefully compare prices and read online reviews before you choose a hotel. 

Luckily, hunt hotels is the perfect place for finding the best hotels on a budget. Their customer service is amazing, and there are no hidden charges.

8- Find a tour guide

Again, this step is optional if you want to explore the country yourself. But if you are afraid you’ll get lost in translation, a tour guide can help you out with that. 

Or, if you are visiting a country for its history, tradition and culture, a personal tour guide is your best chance at gaining all that information.

Resource Plan

These are the must-have resources when you’re traveling to a foreign country. Since you’re in an alien environment, these things help you keep safe as your survival might depend on it.

9 – Assessing Travel Expenditure

Once you get a fair idea of where you want to go and what the accommodation costs are like, it becomes easier to come up with an estimated cost of your tour. 

Take your food and shopping into consideration as well. You don’t want to carry the exact amount, rather, always keep extra.

And not just cash. It’s important to make sure your credit card supports international purchases, you can always call your bank and ask. 

Another important thing is to inform your bank about your travel. An international purchase might alert them as such unusual activities are seen in cases of card thefts.

Currency Change

If you’re traveling to a country with a different currency, make sure to convert the amounts properly and get the required currency from the airport exchange or your local currency exchange centers in time.

10 – Download Offline Maps

I know we should always hope for the best, but at the same time we should be prepared for the worst. Anything can go wrong when you’re traveling.

Your cab drivers could take a slightly different route. Or, you could lose internet and cell service.

In times like these it’s good to be cautious and present. Download the offline maps and keep monitoring your journeys for your safekeeping.

11- Destination Emergency Helplines

Check which numbers can be dialed in case of an emergency for free. Save these emergency helplines in your cell phone.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to use them but it’s good to have some ray of hope in your corner.

12 – Spare Document Copies

Make several copies of your documentsPassport, visa, supporting travel documents, hotel reservations and your national identity card.

Keep these copies in different bags. In case you lose your main carry-on with all the original documents or forget it at your hotel, it’ll save you a lot of stress and trouble to have the copies.

13 – Utilize travel apps

There are several apps in the market that help you take the best routes covering most of the tourist spots. This can help you plan your trip and save a lot of bucks that are lost in mismanaged travels.

You can search your destination country and find its supporting apps. 

Bag and Baggage

14 – Pack essentials

If you’re an adult, carry 1 backpack that can hold all your necessary items. Always pack your stuff in a way that if you’re stuck in a place for an extended period of time, this could help you survive

For a backpack :

  • Keep a fully charged power bank along your phone cable
  • A snackbar, mint or nuts
  • A water bottle
  • Ibuprofen (if you have any prescribed medicines, carry those as well)
  • A small first aid kit 
  • A travel size sewing kit
  • Toiletries
  • An umbrella (for sun and rain, both) 
  • A book
  • A copy of your documents

If you’re travelling with a child, make sure to give them some snacks, water and contact information of the hotel where you’re staying. 

For carry ons

Keeping in mind the weather, carry breathable clothes that won’t need much handling. 

You don’t want to be stuck in setting your dress while the important views slip away

Since you know your destinations and activities, pack your clothes that won’t cause hindrance. 

If you’re a mom, be mindful about what your children can’t live and sleep without. A special blanket or perhaps a toy

Safety and Security

15 –  Share your itinerary

You have successfully planned everything, print out your itinerary and share it with a close one. It’s a good way for your friends and family to keep a track of where you are at a given time. 

You can also share the contact information of your hotel and tour guide with your loved ones back home, just so they know who to contact if your cell phone is unreachable. 

Just to be safe, double check your travel reservations ahead of your trip. 

Confirm your flight dates, hotel bookings and car ride details. 

Lastly, have a blast. 

All the things that require a detailed eye and careful planning, you have already done.  

The only thing left for you to do is enjoy. 

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