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Hotel check in policies in the US 

How to get early check in at a hotel

Reluctance to allow early check in 

Virtual check in liberation

What are day hotels 

How to be productive with the waiting time 

What’s at stake? 


7 Hotel early check-in essentials every guest needs to be aware of!

What can be more appeasing than hitting the sheets after an excruciating flight or an exhausting long drive!

But the question is, if you have already made your reservation, can you check into a hotel early, without having them jump puddles for you? 

Managing such requests is possible, but not always!

Hunt hotels have compiled a list of essentials that you must consider, in case hotel early check in becomes your travel requirement. 

Hotel check-in policies in the US

Hotel early check in is more common than you’d imagine. A majority of people with early flights and a busy day ahead, want to know what time is check-in at hotels while traveling to the states so they can make arrangements accordingly. 

The US allows its hotels to decide for a check-in and check-out time as per their convenience, but the most practiced time for checking in hotels is 3PM, whereas, the check out time is at noon. 

However, there is a possibility of hotel check in time and check-out time being different at different hotels, which is why it must be your absolute priority to read the policies and guidelines before you book your hotel. 

Early check-in charges

If your hotel has spare rooms on deck, there are high chances for you to get an early check-in without losing even a single penny. 

If not, you might be charged half of what you’re paying for a single night, but that is rarely the case!  

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How to get early check in at a hotel

Can you check in early at a hotel? The answer is yes, absolutely! 

There are several conditions that allow hotel early check-ins depending on where you’re staying! 

  • Prior Arrangement & Advance Request :

    Knowing what time you’ll arrive at the hotel can increase your chances of an early check-in. 

          If you have a flight at an odd hour that calls for early hotel arrival, the best possible scenario to avoid any trouble is for you to simply inform the hotel management in advance. 

          Ask the reservationist if they entertain such requests, and what is their room occupancy situation or check the website for room availability to get a better idea. 

  • Premium members :

          If you’re a premium member or someone who frequently visits the hotel in question, the management is most likely to arrange something for you, even on a short notice. 

  • Short – term notice :

         Arriving 1-2 hours prior shouldn’t be any trouble, just inform your hotel that you’re on your way and they’ll promptly get your room ready before you arrive! 

  • Room Swap :

         If hotel early check-in  is your only option, and you absolutely have to have a room, you can ask if there is any other room available for more or less price, and get that instead!

Reluctance to allow early check in

  • Occupancy rate:

         However understanding your hotel is, if there are no rooms available, hotels would not be able to fulfill your request for early check in, no matter how badly you want it. 

  • Housekeeping conundrums:

         Housekeeping protocols and time allotment varies from hotel to hotel. Even if your room has become available, hotels will be reluctant to hand it over to you without cleaning it thoroughly. 

         And nobody in their right mind would be willing to take a dirty room with God-knows-what in it, especially after the pandemic scare

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Virtual check in liberation

Digital check-ins have changed the course of hotel booking experience, making early check-in in hotels extremely convenient and conducive. 

  • Apps & Websites

          If your hotel is supported by an app or a user-friendly website, you can get a notification as soon as your room is available and ready, allowing a hotel early check in possible without any trouble or anticipation. 

What are day hotels

A day room hotel or day hotel is a hotel that you can book for same day use! 

The best thing about day hotels is that you can book them as soon as you touch down! There’s no unnecessary delay and series of requests, just pay for the hours you’ll be staying in and get a room with cash. 

  • How do early check-in hotels work

          If you know your flight schedule will require you to check in early, you can find the best collection of hotels that allow an early check-in in the US using Hunt hotels

          You can also find amazing hotels with 24 hour check in, to avoid waiting for hours for a room to become available. 

  • Perks of a successful early check in

          If you’re among the lucky ones to actually successfully obtain a room before the time, kudos!

  • Depending upon your current condition, you can either forget that a world exists outside, and befriend the bed.
  • Soak in the hot tub or hit the shower for washing off hours of travels off of you. 
  • Assemble your luggage, order room service or prep for the fun-filled day ahead. 

How to be productive with the waiting time

If things go sideways and you end up waiting in the lobby for your room to become available, don’t worry. There’s a lot you can do. 

If your hotel has a free cancellation policy, you can look for “hotels with 24 hour check in near me” to find a new hotel. 

The best hotels in the US allow their guests to use the hotel facilities while they wait for their room and even offer free snacks. 

You can get your luggage checked in, even if you haven’t. Hotels that are big on hospitality and accommodating the guests, would go to lengths to make your waiting period as easy as possible. 

So instead of curling up and resting your swollen jet lagged eyes on the hotel couch, you can freshen up in the bathroom, check out the spa, have a meal at the hotel restaurant or enjoy a drink (or 3) at the bar. 

What’s at stake?

While you think that everything about successfully checking in early is goody goody, there’s one thing at stake.

You can miss your chance of getting an upgrade on your hotel room, especially if you’re on your honeymoon or celebrating any other special occasion.

If it is something that can look past, you have all the blessings in the world to go ahead with your mission – hotel early check in!         


People traveling with kids, taking long connecting flights and driving for hundreds of miles mostly require to check into a hotel early.  

Hotel industry in the US is very accommodating and mindful about the problems their guests face on a daily basis, which is why their growth rate is off the charts! 

Due to this sheer sense of compassion for the guests,  hotel early check in is not additionally charged in the majority of US hotels.

Find the best early check-in hotels in the US conveniently on Hunt hotels.

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