Boat hotels in London; Experience serenity and instil calm!

Boat hotels in london; A mind blowing floating experience

The boat hotel concept works best for London since this city has some of the most breathtaking views and top class nearby tourist attractions. 

The sole purpose of booking a boat hotel in London is to relax, enjoy and have fun while you’re floating on water. Tourists prefer to book London boat hotels especially on their honeymoon, a romantic getaway or an out of body experience. 

You will find Sky Garden, Hyde Park, St Paul Cathedral, Tower Bridge , London City Airport, Victoria Park, Canary Wharf, Big Ben, House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Olympic Stadium, and Emirates Stadium in a 5km range of the best boat hotels in London

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What to expect in a boat hotel London

The average boat hotels in London will make your stay ecstatic by providing a well sought, cosy living area, attached bath with shower facilities and free amenities.

A proper bedroom or a sofa bed depending upon the space, a small yet convenient kitchen and a rooftop for you to enjoy the magnificent views. Whereas, the most luxurious boat hotels in London will surely give you once in a lifetime experience. 

Imagine stargazing with perfect landscapes and panoramic views with a light breeze and soft music, with all the facilities of a normal luxury hotel. 

A restaurant with quality food, free wifi, LED, well equipped kitchen, microwave, fridge, stove, bathroom, shower, sun terrace,  dining area,  washing machine or laundry service and a bar!

London’s most famous boat hotel is The Sunborn yacht hotel. With Hunt hotels the best boat hotels in London l are just a click away!