buxton spa hotel

Buxton spa hotels – A luxury you deserve! 

Buxton is a beautiful town in England that is well equipped with natural wonders, modern architecture and a rich cultural history. 

Being worn out after a busy day of touring is normal, which is why Buxton spa hotels bring the best deals to the table so tourists can sit back and relax.  

If you’re looking for the most spectacular and extravagant spa experiences in this town of England, these buxton hotels with spa have got just the fix you desire! 

From the most lavish spa treatments to the customised massages, you’ll get thermal pools, saunas, steam rooms, aromatherapy and what not! 

One Buxton spa hotel that stands out from the rest is Buxton Crescent with its many outstanding services!

What surrounds the top Buxton spa hotels

One of the reasons Buxton serves as home to more than a million tourists each year is because this city is big on creative arts such as music, cultural festivals and theatre.  

Buxton spa hotels are not only therapeutic and aesthetic, they’re also very practical, which is why they’re ideally located in areas that can offer tourists Buxton’s top attractions such as Poole’s Cavern & Buxton Country Park, The Pavilion Gardens, Buxton Opera House

Historical landmark – Solomon’s Temple, Buxton Visitor Centre and Buxton Crescent Heritage and  Buxton museum & art gallery.

Recreational activities like trekking, cycling, Go ape adventures, golfing and kayaking also demand a day of unwinding at the top Buxton spa hotels!

If you want to enjoy all of these activities without the weather getting in the way, the best time to visit Buxton is in May and June.   

There are more than 500 properties including some of the deluxe buxton hotels and spas available online where you can stay for a minimum of 40 GBP for a single night. Confused about selecting the best  Buxton hotels and spas? Try out Hunt hotels!