London capsule hotels – Your best sleeping accessory!

London capsule hotels – A modern solution for modern people! 

Capsule hotels in London were introduced in 2018 after their successful installation in Japan. 

In the beginning there were only 2-3 capsule hotels in London but the positive feedback from clients and their unlimited benefits became a reason for its expansion.

London capsule hotels are best for visitors who need a place to crash for one night but do not want to spend too much on a hotel room. 

You can book a pod on an hourly basis as well. Capsule hotels in London price range varies from 25 GBP to 100+ GBP depending upon your stay. 

Things you’ll find in London capsule hotels

These capsule hotels are extremely accommodating. Even when they’re closely located, the noise cancelling partitions will keep the distractions away.  

Most of London’s pod hotels have a toilet with working showers, ample electric outlets, soft and comfy bed, wifi facilities, private locker, full privacy and occasionally free breakfasts as well. 

Some London capsule hotels have a window with a view, others have no windows, the only source of light is your built-in lights. 

Airport based London capsule hotels

The capsule hotels in the UK that are connected or close to the airports offer amazing services to the travelers who just want to take a nap after a long flight. 

You can get a pod at some of the airports in London for a minimum of 4 hours along with a room service, which is otherwise unavailable in other capsule hotels in London.

 London capsule hotels that cost relatively more offer bigger rooms and in-house gym facilities. Some of them are equipped with smart furniture so your bed can turn into a sofa, in case you want to conduct a meeting in your pod. 

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