How to enjoy a hotel with a pool to the fullest!

Tourists and guests usually book hotels with pools during the summers so they can enjoy their stay as much as possible. 

This is a very common practice especially for the people staying in the UK since the hot weather is rare and yells for sunbathes and tans. 

One other thing, if there are chances of rain or heavy storm which will bind you to your hotel rooms, make sure to book a hotel with a pool so you do not feel stuck. 

So while you stay at the UK hotels with outdoor pools there are certain things, other than swimming, that you can indulge in to make your stay worthwhile. 

The 3 R’s of hotels with swimming pools – Relax, read & recharge 

  • From soaking up the sun to finishing your favorite book whilst you sip the icy cocktail you love, is bound to reboot your system and recharge your batteries.
  •  If you don’t like reading, you can also pop in those ear buds and transport yourself to another dimension. 
  • Other than this, you can also take drool-worthy instagramable pictures to keep your feed running. Or, have a light snack! 

If you’re a fan of swimming pools but hate the overcrowded pool side and noisy kids running around, in my opinion the best time to enjoy a dip in solitude would be in the evening or early morning. 

The unarticulated – must know rules at a hotel with a pool!

Whether you are staying alone or with your family, there are certain unsaid boundaries that you should be aware of! 

  • Follow proper pool etiquette.
  • Do not hog the chairs. 
  • Keep your music (and your attitude) to yourself! 
  • Be responsible for your own kids and keep an eye on them.
  • Mind your drinks (you don’t want a few too many)
  • Be a tad more diligent at the family hotels with swimming pools, UK

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