Hotels in Carmarthen are nothing like you imagined!

Hotels in Carmarthen – taking you away from reality!

Carmarhten is a beautiful town located in southwestern Wales. Tourists wanting a burst of fresh air, away from the city buzz must visit! 

For people wanting to stay a night, there’s an amazing collection of hotels in Carmarthen.

From visiting the rousing sites of Kidwelly Castle, Gwili Steam Railway, Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Laugharne Castle and St Peter’s Church to the adventure filled sweat breaking cycling and trekking trails, Carmarthen will keep you invested. 

The best time to book your hotels in Carmarthen town  is during late May to early October. 

You can easily find 140+ hotels in Carmarthen  ranging from 70 GBP to 180 GBP for a one night stay. 

This delightful town is brimming with friendly people hooked to their values. Tourists can also enjoy Carmarthen’s huge green spaces, picnics, camping, sea trout and salmon fishing at River Tywi. 

Hunt hotels’ making it easier to find luxury hotels in the centre of Carmarthen for your perfect stay! 

What are hotels in Carmarthen like?

Hotels in Carmarthen town centre are spacious and pretty sophisticated from the inside. Laced with elegant decor and pastel shades all around, they have a soothing effect on the eyes. 

Exterior of Carmarthen hotels can be described as very neat and classic, which says a lot about the people of the area. 

You’ll be surprised to see how  spa hotels in Carmarthen are sleek, modern and typically beautiful with their ecstatic backdrops. So if you ever decide to visit Wales, locate the best places to stay in Carmarthen with Hunt hotels!