Hotels in Malham – A perfect spot for a perfect weekend!

Hotels in Malham – attracting millions of tourists each year! 

Malham, a scenic village situated in England has become one of the top tourist attractions in the Yorkshire Dales due to its spectacular mind numbing picturesque beauty. 

The year long hustle bustle around the hotels in Malham is a proof of this village’s grandeur! 

Hotels in the Malham area are surrounded by beautiful hilly areas with natural tracks for hiking, trekking and cycling. The tourists who choose to spend a night at the Malham hotels, are the ones who are drawn to the natural beauty of Malham Cove, Janet’s Foss, Gordale Scar, Pen-y-ghent, Top of Malham Cove and Malham Beck

All you need to know about hotels in Malham!

There are 140+ hotels in Malham that you can view online for an advance booking. One night stay here will cost you an average of 100 GBP to 300 GBP. 

The best time to book yourself a hotel in Malham is during the warmer months, specifically  through May to September.

You’ll find that most of the Malham hotels have exposed bricks, shrubs growing out on the roofs with tiny multi-colored flowers and a vintage architecture that adds to the beauty of this place.

Front and back of the hotels opening up to large green spaces where you can sip the evening tea and appreciate the peace and calm. 

Another thing that is widely appreciated by the tourists are the restaurants in Malham, serving finger licking sumptuous local food! 

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