Hotels in Burlington, Nj – A guaranteed quality time!

The welcoming hotels in Burlington, Nj

Burlington is an attractive City located in New Jersey which has a significant importance pertaining to American history. 

Considering that it is a historical treasure & birthplace of various antique buildings, homes and important architecture, it is no surprise that it has a notable tourist following. 

As you plan a fantastic vacation to Burlington, here are a few things you need to know about its hotels. 

  • You’ll find around 150 Burlington Nj hotels that will charge you an estimated amount of $70 to $200 for a single night’s stay. 
  • Given the weather, it is highly recommended that you visit in the months of June, July and August.

Luxury hotels in Burlington, Nj are the real deal and here’s why! 

All the 5 star hotels in this city provide you top tier services along with some amazing facilities that will add to your vacation! 

You can expect:

  • Restaurant, bar & business center
  • Free parking, free wifi, on the house breakfast 
  • Swimming pools, private hot tubs, fitness center
  • Spa, transport and laundry services

In addition to this, the best hotels in Burlington are pet friendly as well as wheelchair accessible. 

Reasons why you will barely get bored around the hotels in Burlington, Nj

As Burlington’s main reason for attracting thousands of tourists is its beautiful locations, gorgeous sites, street views and lush green multipurpose parks, if you happen to stay at one of the Burlington Nj hotels visiting its top attractions is a must! 

Other than this, tourists can also have fun: 

  • Visiting the countless parks, gardens and rivers
  • Enjoying some action packed horse racing
  • Plan sport activities around the spacious playgrounds and courts
  • Go for hiking, trekking and fishing 

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