Stay at the hotels in Macomb, IL for a fantastic vacation!

People who are looking for a secluded place to spend their weekend, Macomb is the perfect destination for you! 

With scenic landscapes, plenty of parks and exciting recreational activities, this place has a lot to offer.  

Visiting Macomb? Here’s what you should know about the hotels in Macomb, IL 

Months between May to October are pretty nice and warm, that’s when you can enjoy the city’s attractions and take part in its outdoor activities as well. 

The Macomb hotels are perfect for short stays, the rooms are spacious, well equipped with everyday use items & soft beddings. You can even get a room with a private hot tub if you want to relax. 

One room at these hotels will cost you around $50 to $200 for a single night’s stay.  

Hotels in Macomb, Illinois are centrally located, so you can check out the nearby restaurants and dive in the yummy local cuisines and hit the interesting quintessential shops. 

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Get out of the hotels in Macomb, IL and explore the city! 

There are a lot of things that you can do while in Macomb for a perfect weekend getaway. 

In addition to this you can: 

  • Explore the Argyle Lake State Park with your loved ones. This hub of recreational activities stretches over 1700 acres and has plenty of jaw dropping trails for hiking and walking. You can plan a picnic or camp for a day near the beautiful Argyle lake. 
  • Visit the Veterans Park that’s spread on 80 acres of gorgeous land and is perfect for outdoor events, long walks, planning a sports game and so on. 
  • If you’re more into indoor fun activities, hit the bowling alley, watch one of the classics at the Macomb theater, go to the craft shop and art exhibits or enjoy live music over beers. 
  • If you’re short on time, you can still find a number of museums, parks, gardens & lakes close to your hotels in Macomb, IL.  

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