The fantabulous hotels in Pennsylvania serving luxury!

Pennsylvania is considered to be one of the most budget friendly states of the USA. 

A state that is known for its historical significance and major role in the advancement of the USA. 

There are 57 cities in Pennsylvania among which Philadelphia, Lancaster, Pittsburgh, Scranton & Allentown are most famous among tourists. 

A few considerations regarding the hotels in Pennsylvania before you plan your trip!

There are 3000+ Pa hotels ranging from luxury hotels to budget friendly hotels, all serving reliable quality. 

The estimated cost of one night stay at these hotels ranges from $50 to $500 depending upon the star ranking and vicinity. 

 While traveling to Pennsylvania, be aware of the weather you would prefer for your travel as it has extreme snowy winters and mildly warm summers, however the year round weather remains partially cloudy. 

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The spellbinding hotels in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania luxury hotels are indeed a sight to behold.

As you enter, you’ll observe that the magnificent buildings, ornate with glamorous water fountains and beautiful flowerbeds, spread on acres of land are not the only mesmerizing thing about these hotels.  

The interiors, rooms, lobbies, restaurants & even bars are just as elegant, stunning and luxurious! 

Fun and Entertainment 

As Pennsylvania is a huge state, it encompasses a number of jaw-dropping attractions, the best of which include Philadelphia Museum of Art, Fallingwater, Eastern State Penitentiary, Longwood Gardens, The Franklin Institute and thousands more. 

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