Stay at hotels in Weehawken close to the famous landmarks!

As Weehawken borders the Hudson River it brings in some dazzling views with it. 

Weehawken is famous for its countless attractions, landmarks and its famous parks in addition to the diversity it exhibits. 

So, if you have a weekend or a week, one thing is certain, your stay in Weehawken will be memorable and worth it! 

Reasons to visit Weehawken, what is weehawken famous for?

Hotels in Weehawken – All you need to know! 

When planning to visit Weehawken, remember that the extreme summer and winter months will become a hindrance in your tour. 

The best time to visit Weehawken is during the months of May, June & September

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The estimated cost of one night stay rounds up to be $100 to $600 on an average. 

The best hotels in Weehawken are known for their mesmerizing views out the balcony, top shelf services and amazing facilities like spa treatments, aroma therapy, private jacuzzis, saunas and gym centers. 

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The hotel in Weehawken & its surrounding attractions! 

Even if your hotel in Weehawken, New Jersey has a view that is to die for, do treat yourself with the surrounding attractions cause they’re definitely, most certainly, worth it! 

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