Book hotels in New York & get caught in this magical city!

New York is nothing short of being a plethora of awesomeness!

It is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and there’s a reason for it! 

In addition to being a grand center of gobsmacking attractions, this city is known to be a hub of diverse entertainment, booming real estate, dynamic culture, thrilling nightlife, fine dining, exhilarating adventures, and whatnot! 

Hotels in New York – All you need to know about before your trip! 

If you are visiting New York for the first time make sure your vacation lasts at least a week, so you can properly embrace the beauty of this city. 

New York is bustling with around 1000+ hotels where you can book a room for one night, starting at an average of $100 to $600.

Choosing to stay at a 5-star hotel in New York can cost you up to $2000 per night but these hotels are known to give you a heaven-on-earth experience, and it’s totally worth it! 

You can expect extravagant facilities such as luxury transportation, complimentary breakfast, laundry, spa treatments, massages by professional masseuses, saunas, private jacuzzis, infinity pools and so much more. 

If you want to catch ethereal views, the best time to visit New York City is during the fall and spring months. 

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The magical attractions that surround the Hotels in New York 

We can’t simply comprehend the attractions that this breathtaking city possesses!

Whether it’s the mind-blowing divine nature or man-made miraculous prodigies, New York has something that casts a spell on just anyone with eyes. 

Not to miss out – Times Square, The National Memorial, Grand Central Terminal, Yankees Stadium

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A breath of fresh air – Central Park, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York Botanical Garden

Iconic Landmarks & attractions – Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, Rockefeller Center

Art, culture, history & artifacts – The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art & American Museum of Natural History

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