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Everyone deserves some time off every once in a while! If you are someone looking to plan a dream vacation (short or extended), we’ve got a place for you that ticks off every box in the must-have section! 

San Jose – also known as the heart of Silicon Valley has everything you need for a dream vacay! 

Is San Jose, California really worth visiting?

It most certainly is! This California city has a number of breathtaking attractions, adventure-packed outdoor activities, exquisite nightlife, amazing fine-dining options, outstanding accommodations and so much more! 

Before you plan your trip, here’s what you should know about the hotels in San Jose, California 

This city has a fantastic collection of more than 200 hotels in the area so you find your perfect stay! 

The best hotels in San Jose are the epitome of luxury! You not only get to enjoy the extravagant hotel amenities but also the revetting architecture and surroundings! 

The cherry on top is that these hotels stand tall amongst ideal locations in the city that are insanely attractive & close to the top tourist attractions. 

The best time to book hotels in San Jose, CA is during the summer months, i.e May through September. 

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Make your days at the hotels in San Jose, California even better!

The best part about planning a trip to this city is that no matter where you stay, you can find abundant things to do and places to visit. 

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