Hotels in Paddington – London’s sweet spot for tourists!

Hotels in Paddington are an Ideal place to stay for tourists! 

Paddington is a part of Westminster, situated between Notting Hill and West End, London.

Staying at the  hotels in Paddington is one the best things that you can do as a tourist! 

Reason being, the easy and convenient access to many of  London’s attractions! You can get an easy train ride to Cardiff, Oxford and Bristol via Paddington Station. 

Since there is such a wide range of budget friendly and luxury hotels in Paddington, one night stay can cost you as low as 45 GBP to an estimated high of 5000 GBP. 

You can find more than 500 hotels in London, Paddington  to choose from, based on your personal and travel preferences. 

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Staying at the hotels in Paddington? Here’s what you can do! 

If you thoroughly want to enjoy and explore this area in London, the best time to book a hotel in Paddington is during the months of May, June, July, and August. 

You can easily get to some of London’s most visited locations like Hyde Park, Kensington gardens, Madame Tussauds, The Sherlock Holmes Museum and The Regent’s Park if you stay at one of the hotels in Paddington station

Other than that. To explore this vibrant borough of Westminster, you can visit the Paddington Bear Statue, Paddington Basin, Alexander Fleming Museum, Puppet Theatre Barge

Tourists have been found to compliment the amazing food, pubs, cafes, big screen shows and the merchant square water maze as well!

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