Florida is indeed full of countless tourist attractions that can take your breath away. 

Although, most of the time, these attractions are so crowded that you never actually get to seize the moment and enjoy the beauty of these locations. 

However, if you are visiting Florida and unfortunately facing the same situation, we have got a place for you that is not only beautiful but it has a lot to offer as well – Keaton Beach!

Is Keaton Beach nice?

Keaton Beach is beautifully tucked away in Perry, Fl, which is known for its suburban-rural touch. This city is especially best for tourists who love to get into outdoorsy adventures! 

The gorgeous Keaton beach is a run-to spot for many of the locals who come here to enjoy some peace and quiet along with the mesmerizing views. 

All you need to know about the hotels & their charges! 

There are more than 150 hotels in the area where you can book a room for one night stay starting from just $80.

If you choose to stay at a high-end hotel with added amenities the rate for one night stay might go as high as $500

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What to do when you are at Keaton Beach, Florida?

The best part about visiting this beach is that it is hardly ever crowded. Here’s what you can do. 

  • Enjoy a nice swim in the hot weather. 
  • For a perfect dose of Vitamin D, relax & soak up the sun.  
  • Plan a picnic with your friends and family by the beach. 
  • Indulge in some hiking, fishing, boating, hunting or even water sports. 
  • Take a walk across the gorgeous pier and appreciate the beauty of the surrounding area. 
  • Watch the sky in all of its glory.

About the surrounding area :

  • You can easily park your car close by. 
  • There are restaurants, sheds, and restrooms available. 

Nearby attractions : 

If you are looking for more things to do when you’re visiting Keaton Beach, Fl you can also check out Hagens Cove Park, Perry City Park, Steinhatchee Falls & its beautiful trails

If you are willing to go on a road trip, Tallahassee and Gainesville are the nearest cities to Perry.

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