The origin of motels goes back to 1925 when an architect named Arthur Heinmen constructed the first Mo-Tel (motor and hotel) for the benefit of people traveling by road, looking for a place to rest or stay the night. 

As hotels are located in the middle of a city or close to the top tourist destinations, people who are in transit find it difficult to go all the way to the city just so they can rest their heads. 

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Motel cerca de mi (motel near me)

Every once in a while we feel like leaving everything behind and going out for a road trip. 

Whether it is a solo adventure, a friend’s hangout, or some time off with your significant other, road trips can be therapeutic, fun, and memorable. 

So while you are out there, driving for hours and hours there is a possibility that you get really tired. In times like these, people usually search for “motel cerca de mi” (motel near me) so they can rest their eyes and grab a meal. 

Unlike hotels, motels can let you stay for a certain time period instead of the whole day. This is why most people on a road trip look for motel por horas cerca de mi (hourly motel near me). 

However, by searching motels cerca de mi (motels near me), there is no guarantee that you will find a suitable place to rest. And if that is the case, you will end up driving to the city looking for a hotel.

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