Ontario airport hotels – your ideal stay for flight layovers!

Majority of tourists choose to stay at the Ontario airport hotel and here’s why!

Sometimes arranging a transport to and from your hotel becomes time-consuming, the fear of being late and missing the flights causes passengers to get a hotel near Ontario, Ca airport

Luckily, there are 30+ hotels within 1 to 5 miles radius to the Ontario California Airport. 

Whereas, the price range varies from $100 to $500 for a single night’s stay depending upon the distance from the airport, hotel rating and offered services. 

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What can you do around your Ontario airport hotel?

If you have a connecting flight, it is best to rest up at one of the Ontario airport hotels where you can enjoy a peaceful, quiet meal along with catching some Zzzs. 

It’s best to reach the airport 3-4 hours prior to your flight to avoid any inconvenience. So while you wait you can: 

  • Hunt for the latest books and magazines at the Author’s Bookstore, Ontario’s Provisions or Cali Market.
  • Indulge in a yummilicious meal at the eateries and fine cafes around the airport. 
  • Shop at ‘Tech on the Go’ to find some amazing items! 
  • Spend your remaining time at the USO Lounge that features amazing amenities! 

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