Pet Friendly Hotels Near Me

If you are a pet parent who travels a lot, you must have found yourself in a situation where you searched for “pet friendly hotels near me” but came up with not one good option! 

We at Hunt Hotels understand your pain, which is why we have come up with a system where you can search for a “pet friendly hotel near me” by typing in your current area, and we will provide you with a list of eligible hotels to choose from! 

Pet friendly hotels near me

Long gone are the days when people kept their pets restricted to their houses and cages. We have entered an era where the majority of people, especially the millennials, think of their pets as their children

The love and bond they share with these four-legged creatures & chirping friends are nonperishable! 

When traveling is in question, people in the past often left their pets with a family member or a neighbor. But the trend has changed quite a bit. 

In the present age when such a situation presents itself when a pet parent has to travel, they prefer taking their pets along.

This means that the search for “pet friendly motels near me” is on the rise but the results are inconsiderable! 

So if you have to travel with your pet, you need to plan your trip and book a hotel in advance, otherwise, you’re left with what can only be described as a horrific incident waiting to happen.

That is unacceptable, right? What if something unforeseen comes up and you are unable to leave your pet with someone?

Hunt Hotels to the rescue!

We have answered your “pet friendly hotels near me” searches with a perfect solution! 

Allow me to explain! 

All the premium hotels in our inventory are listed with their complete details. If you are to bring a pet, the requirements such as proper documentation, weight limitations, available services & food options for pets are already mentioned. 

You can also track down nearby parks and attractions where your pets are allowed! If you plan to leave your pet behind while you check out the city or attend a meeting, you can look for pet daycares in the vicinity if your hotel doesn’t already provide one.  

BEWARE! Pet friendly hotels also have rules! 

  1. Each and every pet friendly hotel you go to requires you to have your pet’s documentation. Without it, you won’t be able to find a decent place to stay, so always remember to keep an updated hard copy, as well as a soft copy for emergencies! 
  2. Do not forget to keep your pet’s toys & favorite blanket (if they have any), new places can put animals off and this can help them stay calm.
  3. Although hotels provide all basic necessities, if your pets are very choosy about what they eat, carry their snacks or food tins along to avoid any trouble

Whether you’re looking for cat-friendly hotels or dog-friendly hotels near me while you travel, Hunt Hotels has everything you are looking for!