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Pet friendly hotels: Travelling with pets made easier! 

  1. Introduction
  2. A sneak peek into the luxurious pet hotels in UK
  3. Tips & Tricks Concerning Pet friendly hotels
  4. Mandatory compliance with hotel guidelines
  5. Must ask questions to avoid inconvenience
  6. Pet friendly hotels; Cheap or expensive?
  7. Takeaway

Pet friendly hotels: Travelling with pets made easier!

In olden times when the concept of hotels was just flourishing, people used their horses and mules to travel, thus the inns and guest houses felt obliged to cater to these animals’ needs. 

As the famous saying goes, need is the mother of all invention, this much needed care compelled the hotel owners to create a separate space for these worn out animals so they can eat and rest in peace.

A century later, the concept of  pet friendly hotels was initiated, a new name but verily the same concept. 

A sneak peek into the luxurious pet hotels in UK

People have been so accustomed to pampering their pets, that they spend thousands without thinking twice. The US and UK pet industry statistics will leave you astonished! 

In fact, you’ll find a remarkable increase in establishments like pet friendly spa hotels and luxury pet friendly hotels all around the world, especially in the UK. 

Here’s a list of top 5 luxurious pet friendly hotels in the UK.

  • St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel – London

    This ornate Victorian style hotel is famous for its pet friendly staff and a VIP treatment of the furry little fellows! Each room is laced with the softest & warmest couches for your pets to relax on with added treats!

  • Glenapp Castle – Scotland

    If your pet enjoys an outdoor setting, this pet friendly hotel is perfect for you! Spread on acres of land this 5 star luxury castle hotel loves to greet, pet and pamper your fuzzy travel companions!

  • AC Hotel – Northern Ireland

    For individuals looking for a luxury pet friendly hotel which offers a wide variety of pet friendly amenities and helpful recommendations for nearby parks and shops, this hotel is definitely a heaven send for your pets!

  • Mallory Court Country House Hotel & Spa – England

    Luxury dog hotels in London such as Mallory Court have the friendliest staff your pets could ask for. Upon arrival your dogs are offered multiple treats, walking & grooming recommendations, doggy bags and comfy cushions to relax on!

  • Oxwich Bay Hotel – Wales

    This  4 star hotel is not just for you, but also for four legged friends! This deluxe hotel offers a number of extravagant facilities for your pets in addition to take-home gifts!

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Tips & Tricks Concerning Pet friendly hotels

  • Supporting Documentation

    Every country has its own travel guidelines for pets that all pet owners must follow. Not being able to provide the required documentation for your pets can have serious repercussions, including deportation!

    • Make sure that your specific pets are in fact allowed in the country you’re travelling to. 
    • Pet passports requirements also depend on the country you’re travelling to and from. 
    • Vaccinations, healthcare certificates and blood tests, ruling out infectious diseases and parasites are a MUST! 
    • For pet identification, microchips in some countries are compulsory, especially in the UK. Any verified vet or qualified and experienced trainee can microchip your pet, this chip number is later on added to your pet’s passport. 
  • Carry ons

    • Your pet’s toys – If your pets become fussy when they can’t find their favourite chew toy, it is a wise choice to carry at least one of the toys they’re familiar with. This way, they’ll have something from back home, when they’re in a foriegn land. 
    • Special Meals – Although, in this era of quick deliveries and convenience, everything is available with a single click. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Call your hotel ahead to ask the type of pet meals they serve. This way you can carry your pet’s meals with you without having to worry about it.  
  • Safety and Security

    Keeping your pets safe is your responsibility. Whether you leave it in your hotel room, or take it out for a walk. Make sure their carriers and leashes are strong and durable.

    Don’t forget to put your number and hotel address down on the carrier and collars before you head out!

Mandatory compliance with hotel guidelines

Just because you booked a pet friendly hotel, doesn’t mean your pets can roam freely anywhere they fancy. To accommodate all the guests equally, hotels have placed a set of rules that must be adhered to at all costs. 

  • Rules and Regulations for pets

    • Some hotels ask that pets be confined to a designated area. Leash or no leash rules also apply depending upon the type of pet friendly hotel you’ve chosen to stay at.
    • You may have to carry your pet to the nearest groomer or avail hotel services to bathe your pet, as some hotels do not allow your pet to use the bathroom for bathing.
    • Even the pet friendly hotels are concerned about their expensive furnishings, which is why your pet might not be allowed to sit on the beds and sofas. You can use the provided sheets or carry one yourself to avoid inconvenience. 
    • Lastly, hotels might ask you not to leave your pet in the room on its own while you go out. You can either have them tag along, hire a sitter or find the nearest pet centre to look after them. 
  • Prerequisites to be aware of

    • Every hotel management that is pet friendly, needs affirmations that your pets will not cause any trouble to them or their guests.
    • To ensure this, they’ll ask to see;
    • The vaccination documents, whether or not your pet is house trained and if your pet is well-trained or hostile.
    • Additional Costs

      • Special breeds and overweight pets might be charged an additional fee.
      • You will have to bear the cost of any damages that your pets might cause.
      • Be sure to see all the rules in writing and get a copy of your signed documents, for safety purposes.

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Must ask questions to avoid inconvenience

Here’s a list of questions you must ask your reservationist at the pet friendly hotel before you make your payment. 

  • Is pet fee inclusive or are there any additional charges?
  • When were the pet friendly hotel policies updated?
  • What types of pets are allowed?
  • Are there any weight or breed limitations?
  • Will charges vary if you have more than one pet?
  • What type of amenities will be offered for pets?
  • Are sitters available if you have to leave your pet at the hotel?
  • Are pets allowed to stay in your room or are there specialised pods for them in the hotel?
  • Are there any pet friendly parks or beaches nearby? 
  • Is there anything else you need to know beforehand?

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Pet friendly hotels; Cheap or expensive?

To determine if the pet friendly hotels cost more or less, it is imperative to know that all pet friendly hotels are not the same. 

Some hotels will only charge you a small pet fee when you’re ready to leave the premises, while others are fully equipped for your pet’s perfect stay.

Normal hotels that offer pet accommodation will cost you an average of £20 for a single night stay, whereas the luxurious pet friendly hotels can charge you up to £70! 

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The way we travel has changed a lot in the past few decades, especially due to the recent covid pandemic

People who were hospitalised or had to move, left behind their pets alone, thankfully there were many facilities that took care of these pets such as pet boarding centres.  

Similarly, adapting to the changes, the pet friendly hotel industry has and will keep on growing at a steady pace due to increased demand. 

Thanks to the considerate hospitable society that acknowledges the importance of pets in our lives, travelling with pets is made much easier than it was ever before! 

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