Book a sleep inn on the go!

Traveling for hours can stress out just about anyone, and when travelers, especially tourists within the states face such a scenario, they always search for a “sleep inn near me”. 

This is because the Choice Hotel brand has instilled a vibe of comfort, convenience, and security amongst its people. 

With more than seven thousand hotels in just the states, and even more in 40 other countries, tourists know who to turn to if they want to rest after an excruciating journey! 

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The Real Reason People Choose Choice Hotels – Sleep Inns

The purpose of their sleep inn is to create an utterly calm and relaxing atmosphere that will put you right to sleep so you can catch as many Zzzs as possible. 

Staying here is especially advantageous if you have had a long journey or have a long travel ahead of you that requires proper deep sleep. 

What’s new at Choice Hotels’ Sleep Inn?

  1. The sleep inn by Choice Hotels gives you access to the “Better Sleep” app which allows you to listen and meditate to soothing audios and bedtime stories that can produce melanin and help you sleep faster. 
  2. At this sleep inn all your 5 senses will be catered to! 
  3. You can listen to music, sip the most relaxing tea, slide into the cozy fluffy sheets, breathe in the goodness of sandalwood & block out all lights! 
  4. In addition to a restful sleep, you will be served a free hot breakfast in the morning.
  5. Enjoy the free wifi and access to the pool & fitness center 

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