Book a hotel near Stanislaus County Fair

The famous Stanislaus County Fair & the joy it brings! 

The history of Turlock Fair goes back to the year 1911. The purpose of using Turlock fairgrounds was to promote agriculture, entertainment, and technological advancement across the local communities and families. 

Every year the fair comes up with multiple entertainment outlets and thousands of visitors from all over the state come either to watch or participate in the fair. The same was the case with Stanislaus County Fair 2022

The fair comprises delightful and thrilling exhibits, contests & competitions. You can enjoy the livestock contests and greet the many animals brought to the fair. 

What’s for entertainment?

  • For kids, there are a number of carnival rides, carousels & baby animals. 
  • For teenagers and adults, the fair has events such as concerts, shows, performing arts, races, and a lot more. 

In addition to all of this, the Stanislaus County Fair looks ethereal at night time as the surrounding darkness magnifies the colorful lights of the carnival rides. 

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What more can you find near the Stanislaus County Fair

  • Donnelly Park – A community park spread over 10 acres, featuring a lake with geese & ducks, a wooden play structure & picnic areas.  – 3 mins away 
  • Great Valley Museum – If you have a heart and mind for natural heritage and environment. This museum can unveil many enigmas. 
  • Columbia ParkLeafy neighborhood park featuring children’s play structures, basketball courts & a swimming pool.  3 min
  • Hughson Arboretum and Gardens – Take a stroll across the gorgeous botanical gardens – 16 min 
  • Hilmar Cheese Company Visitor Center – Visitor center – 13 min 

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