Hotels in Alpena, Mi – A vacation spot you won’t regret!

Hotels in Alpena , Mi – an ideal tourist destination for many!

Alpena, also known as the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes is a gorgeous city located in the state of Michigan.

Its unique location not only means that it is a home to many breathtaking rivers and landscapes, it also means that this city has the most accommodating weather – all year long!

This is one of the reasons that every year thousands of tourists head towards the Alpena hotels as it is a highly preferred tourist destination for both families and kids. 

You can find some of the best hotels in Alpena, Mi that are located in close quarters to the top ranked tourist attractions like Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center, Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan, Alpena  Wildlife Sanctuary and many more.

Alpena Mi hotels  are also an ideal vacation spot since they look ethereal year round regardless of the sunny rays and icy snowflakes. 

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Here’s how to keep yourself entertained around hotels in Alpena , Mi

This place has to offer so many interactive indoor and outdoor activities that are destined to give you a thrilling experience on each stay! 

For the tourists who live off adventure, this place is literally heaven where you can not get bored, try:

  • Hiking and trekking in the thick forests 
  • Fishing, kayaking & paddle boarding in the many lakes and rivers
  • Cycling & walking in the lush green parks 
  • Re-living the history in Alpena’s museums

You can find more than 25 hotels in Alpena, Michigan that will cost you an estimated amount of 80 to 200 Dollars for a single night’s stay! 

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