Hotels in New Jersey – an experience you won’t forget! 

New Jersey, a northeastern state of the USA that is one of the most famous tourist destinations all around the globe. 

The Atlantic Coast provides a superb advantage to New Jersey as it has become a hub of USA’s top beaches and tourist attractions. 

In fact, each year more than 80 million tourists visit this state for  business and pleasure! 

The truth about hotels in New Jersey you should know! 

If you get a chance to stay at one of the 5 star hotels in New Jersey, you’re definitely in for a spectacular treat! 

These hotels are right out of a classical movie, with their resplendent buildings, stunning architecture, modern & sleek designs, contemporary furnishings and state of the art facilities. 

Situated amidst lush greenery, scenic views, historical landmarks and the stunning skyscrapers, your stay at these New Jersey hotels are destined to make you fall in love! 

There are around 1500+ hotels in the state that will cost you $50 to $400+ for a single night’s stay depending upon the vicinity and amenities. 

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Make the most of your stay at your hotel in New Jersey!

The attractions New Jersey possesses can not be encompassed in a single article, yet the top tourist spots include Cape May County Park & Zoo, Adventure Aquarium, Battleship New Jersey, High Point State Park, Grounds For Sculpture, Liberty State Park, Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, Gateway National Recreation Area Sandy, Storybook Land and countless more. 

Whichever hotel in New Jersey you choose to stay at, the surrounding stellar spots will keep you fully immersed in the beauty of this city.

Safe to say that there are so many museums, parks, gardens, art galleries, concert areas, amusement parks, roller coaster rides, famous bridges, historic landmarks, water adventures, recreational areas, forests and wetlands in New Jersey that no matter how much you explore, there’ll still be something new. 

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