Choose hotels with private hot tubs for an exceptional stay!

Here’s why tourists are inclined towards hotels with private hot tubs!


Hotels with private hot tubs are a top tier luxury that add value to every stay! 


These hotels are most commonly picked by couples on a romantic getaway, tourists who know how to party and individuals looking to spend a relaxing weekend away from home. 


Your stay at a hotel with a private hot tub doesn’t have to be mundane! 


Typically, tourists pay hundreds of pounds to get themselves lavish hotels with private jacuzzi in-room UK but only end up using the hot tubs once or twice during their whole stay. 


This is why Hunt hotels has assembled a list of ways you can take things to the next level! 


Think outside the box! 


Hotels with private hot tub in-rooms are not just for soaking up! 


  • Floating Breakfast: Kick start your day by ordering in a delicious breakfast that you can enjoy in your hot tub.


 Needless to say, using a hot tub in the morning will not only soothe your muscles, but will make you more energetic as well! 

  • Party Time: You do not need dozens of friends and an enormous venue to pull off a party, put on your favorite hip hop music, order in some snacks and pop up to your room with a few LED lights and Voila – you can call it your customized mini-party! 
  • Game extravaganza: Guess what doesn’t sink.. Plastic! Get a set of waterproof cards and enjoy your most cherished game, spin the bottle with a plastic bottle, 20 questions (guess the person,place or thing) or a drinking game such as, never have I ever

  • Solo Time: If you ought to just relax and re-energize, read that book you’ve been wanting to, play some soothing music, light a few candles, add some rose petals to spice things up or put on a movie or a podcast. 

  • When the clock strikes 12: If you happen to stay at a hotel with a private hot tub that’s out on the porch or terrace, star gazing can make your experience 10 times better! 

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