Who doesn’t love to travel? Whether you are out and about for a day, a week, or a month, the essence of traveling lies in experiencing and exploring the places around you. 

As much fun as traveling brings us, this mission can only be achieved when you are well-rested and ready to take on a new adventure when the sun brings a new day. 

Traveling to a foreign land can have its reservations. The thought of booking and staying in an unknown environment can alarm just about anyone! 

This is exactly why people put their trust in hotel chains like The Hoxton Holborn. When the hotel’s name speaks for itself you no longer need to worry about the quality of your stay! 

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The Hoxton Holborn – And the reason behind its fame! 

A majority of tourists look for Hoxton Holborn, especially while traveling to the United Kingdom and there’s a reason for it. 

Hoxton is a 4-star hotel that started out in the UK in 2006 and spread its wings to Amsterdam, Paris, Williamsburg-NYC, Portland, Chicago, Southwark & even Rome

The fun thing about this hotel chain is the culture it brings. The open house lobbies are the cozy and comfy seating areas that invite guests to stay as well as just enjoy a snack or drink.

The restaurant is famous for serving favorite local cuisines & you can also enjoy the cocktail bars. 

Staying at the Hoxton Holborn comes with its perks. 

Here’s what you get if you are a guest here. 

  • A smoke-free property with 24/7 front desk availability 
  • Free wifi, Free breakfast, and free pet entry 
  • Wheelchair-accessible, air-conditioned rooms, laundry service 
  • Restaurant & Bar 
  • Meeting & Party Rooms 

Room Amenities Include : 

  • Minifridge (stocked with water and milk)
  • Flat-screen TV & Coffee maker
  • Rainfall showers in the bathroom

Hoxton – US 

If you’re staying at the Hoxton Holborn in Williamsburg,  you can enjoy wondrous views of New York’s skyscraper buildings from the hotel balcony or even your room window. 

 Hoxton – London

Since this is the birthplace of Hoxton, it lies in the heart of London and the most attractive feature of staying at this hotel is its close proximity to some of the UK’s top tourist destinations such as Covent Garden, Oxford Street,  Sir John Soane’s Museum, Leicester Square and the British Museum & access to the scrumptious street food. 

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