Hanga Roa &  Roa Park worth a visit?

South America’s Eastern Island possesses a town called Hanga Roa which may sound like an ordinary town, but in reality, can not be more different. 

Rapa Nui Parque Nacional also known as Rapa Nui National Park or Roa Park is also located on Easter Island and both are definitely worth a visit! 

Hanga Roa, Easter Island is a God-sent land on earth that is not only a visually jaw-dropping – gasp-worthy site but it is an experience that takes you to another dimension. 

You’ll find yourself surrounded by greenery and the blue waters in addition to the preservation of Rapa Nui culture which is the main reason for this hidden gem’s popularity.  

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What to do?

Tourists looking for serenity followed by action-packed adventures can call this place their home because it is the literal definition of serendipity. 

Hanga Roa is a pretty developed town where you can easily find internet access and wifi.

It comprises a number of craft shops, coffee shops, ice-cream parlors, accommodations, restaurants, clubs & bars that make your stay accommodating. 

Visiting Roa Park? Here’s what you’ll find! 

Indulge yourself in trekking, relax on the white sandy beaches, and try out snorkeling & diving. And don’t worry, the diving schools are always there if you need a little push. (Hopefully only figuratively). 

Enjoy the beautiful ocean view and feel the sea breeze as it touches your face. Catch the sky changing colors during the sunrise and sunset. 

Capture the essence of Hanga Roa Island:

Here’s something you do not want to miss at the Hanga Roa!

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