Book a stay near the Smith Point Beach

If you are looking to plan a perfect vacation or a day-cation with your friends or family, there is no better place in Shirley, NY than the Smith Point Beach!

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Smith Point County Park 

The gorgeous Smith Point County Park comes with a beach that borders the Atlantic Ocean along the south shore of Long Island, Shirley, New York – which is also the main reason thousands of tourists head this way. 

This popular park especially receives a lot of tourists during the summer season as there’s a lot to do and enjoy! 

Whether you are looking for some peace and quiet or planning an adventure packed visit, the Smith Point Beach has it all. 

Enjoy activities like swimming, surfing, camping etc but make sure to make a reservation at the park before you plan your trip. 

Here’s what you will find in a 30 miles radius of the Smith Beach Long Island

Planning a vacation to Shirley is going to be an exciting endeavor as this place is brimming with outclass attractions! 

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