A lot of thought goes into planning perfect trips nowadays. 

Unless you’re a group of wild friends who want to experience the thrill & rawness of the outside world. 

Planning a vacation with your family or better half, not only demands a killer destination (only figuratively) , but also a day-end slayer-resting spot. 

Yep! I’m referring to the hotels and b&bs that you aim to stay at!

So let’s get right to it, what actually qualifies as a perfect hotel & how can you get one without blowing your brains out.

What qualifies as a perfect hotel?

For many, a place to rest your head after a long travel & exploration would suffice, but for people like you and me, we dwell on being squeamish.  

A good hotel experience can significantly put you in a better mood (speaking from experience). 

Here, we’ve narrowed down some aspects of what a good hotel should offer and which red flags to avoid!

Credible Online Information & Positive Reviews

More and more people view the online information provided by hotels before they make a decision. 

Room photos – list of services – nearby locations – all of these play a huge role in the selection process. 

One thing is certain.

Hotels thrive on positive reviews and feedback from customers.

A bad review is nothing less than the last nail in the coffin. 

If your hotel checks out all the below mentioned markers, it is obvious that you will leave a positive comment. (minus the Karens)

So the first thing you do after selecting a hotel is to look up its reviews. 

If things seem legit, you can proceed and make that phone call.

Services & Facilities

Okay, so you’ve made it this far. 

The next step is to check the enlisted services by the hotel you’ll be staying at. 

Depending upon the length of your stay, there are certain things which you can not imagine living without. 

Number 1 – Free Wifi. 

I have listed my priority with the remaining , you can number them as you deem fit. 

Services like parking spots and disable-friendly environments are very important.

For regular rooms, a 24/7 room service, toiletries, mini-fridge (checked for expired and miss handles items) , electrical outlets (with child safety) , hotel transport , laundry & a good collection of DVDs are the must-haves! 

For an elite stay, you can hope to get spa and gym facilities, newspapers of your liking, a steam/electrical iron, and kid friendly items.

Customer Service & Communication

Ever Since I was a child, I’ve been listening to these words *Communication is key*, well yes, it is.

The first step of booking any hotel involves communication, while the customer service can act as a make or break! 

It’s crucial that your hotel asks you all the relevant questions and any special needs that you might have. (online & in-person)

Or you can just tell them – and see how accommodating they’re willing to be. 

Other than being communicative, the staff must be well trained, polite, customer oriented and well informed! 

If your gut senses even a little tone of hostility, there’s your red flag. 

What more can you expect if the first thing falls short! 

Tell them you need to do something real quick and hang up! (or run away!)

Locality & Interior

According to a survey, 76% claimed that the location of a hotel is of utmost importance. 

Every single person making a hotel reservation checks out the vicinity of those hotels.

Tourist spots, a scenic view and compulsory town services are always taken into consideration. 

Especially the far off hotels, make sure your hotel is supported by heavy generators, has a good cell service and is easily accessible via roads. ( Unless  you’re hoping for horror story to share with your friends)

Interiors are hands down very important for a hotel.  

There is a difference between old hotels and vintage hotels. 

One is a rectified art piece and the other is.. well, sheer negligence. 

A major red flag is sloppy – unhygienic & tiresome interior that gives off negative vibes upon the very first glance.

A well established hotel SHOULD NOT in ANY WAY be lackadaisical. 

If you happen to walk in on one, get out

On the contrary, hotels with bright, clean, top notch visuals feel more welcoming and show the effort that goes into maintaining it. 

Mistakes To Avoid When Booking a Hotel

Here’s a list of mistakes to avoid to things to be cognizant of. 

Do not forget to compare the prices! 

  • Flight & hotel rates are known to fluctuate a lot, seek the best timing to make a reservation after comparing prices so you are not stuck with a hefty bill at the end of your tour. 

Check your online filled-in details!

  • As a precautionary measure, double check the dates, location, names, hotel & card information. Check the same on your email/phone when you receive a confirmation email/message. 

No cash – Only card!

  • Card payments are not only safe and refundable-easy.
  • Banks also offer discounts and special coupons when their cards are used.

Cancellation Hack! 

  • If you ever want to cancel but the shortage of time does not allow a refund, always call in to extend your reservation and cancel the next day. 


Travel like your mom would!

  • Despite the whole hotel charade, don’t rely on anyone for your basic necessities. 

Think ahead & pack consciously. 

Don’t mess with people that handle your food! 

  • This one, I’m going to leave out for your imagination.

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