How old do you have to be to book a hotel?

It’s an agreeable fact that kids these days are nothing like the kids back in the 20th century! 

As the “Gen-Z” is exposed to new levels of technology, advancement, privileges and opportunities, it all lays the groundwork for a generation that is more responsible, resilient and independent – proofs of which are quite visible and undeniable. 

However, there are still some constraints that deter billions of teens in the entire world from reaching their goal, and that is the age restriction imposed by governments of individual countries. 

Whether it is a hindrance or a safety precaution? The debate remains open. 

The age factor plays a vital role in the majority of the daily tasks that we perform as a teenager, from purchasing certain products to booking a hotel, the list goes on. 

Hunt hotels has tried to sum up the whole charade of one of the most asked questions – How old do you have to be to book a hotel and the ambiguities surrounded by it.  

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Requirements for Hotel Reservation

As 90% of our tasks have been made online, booking a hotel falls in the same category. 

So while we reserve a hotel room online or via call, what are the hotel booking requirements we must adhere to, and can the management mistake you for an adult?

For booking a hotel, one must provide credit card information and an identification number in some cases, this suggests that anyone with an active bank account can make a reservation. 

  However, if you are trying to make a hotel reservation and you’re under 18, one thing that can give you away is if you have a child-like voice. 

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Age Restrictions with Hotel Stays  

Legally, for making a reservation and checking into a hotel room, there is an age restriction that you are bound to follow. 

So even if you have successfully made a reservation being underage, hotels won’t let you check in without a physical proof i.e. your documents. 

So to answer the question, how old do you have to be to book a hotel, 18 years is the minimum age! 

Legal age to stay in a hotel UK

Any individual younger than 18 years is not sanctioned to both book or check into a hotel!  

The rules are so set in stone that the family coming to stay at the hotel must provide identification and viable proof of all the accompanied guests. 

Which is why to avoid any inconvenience, it is of utmost importance that you read the terms and conditions of the hotel you’re staying at! 

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Reason for Mandatory Compliance of Restrictions

Come to think of it, a rule that is followed by almost every other country on the globe must have some significance to it, so why exactly are guests under 18 not entertained? 

  1. Since booking a hotel room is considered a contract, you can not hold up a contract against kids under 18, which suggests guests can end up leaving without paying! 
  2. Any damages caused by underage guests can’t be held up against them due to their age, and no hotels would want that.
  3. Mini bars in the hotel rooms and underage drinking – hotels can not take the responsibility of underage kids and their alcohol intake.  

Infact, parents and guardians are required to stay in the hotel with kids under 18 at all times.

In addition to this, hotels that have casinos impose an age restriction of 21 to make sure their guests are old enough to make an informed decision.    

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Yes, absolutely. A parent can make a reservation under their own name whilst providing their own banking information. 

However, at the time of check-in you’ll be asked to provide a proof of identity which if you fail to provide, you won’t be allowed to stay. 

No! As law is the same for all accommodations, so is the age restriction – which means you will need to show proof of identity regardless of where you choose to stay!

Yes, you can book a hotel room but you can not stay. 

As mentioned earlier, the legal age to stay in a hotel in the UK and the rest of the world is 18. So no matter how many days are left before you turn 18 – it’s not happening. 

If the hotel or motel you’re staying at does not ask for any proof of age, then you can consider yourself lucky!

Yes, it is true that you can travel to the UK if you are under 18

However, there are proper rules and regulations that must be followed. The UK is very clear about the conditions under which such travel is allowed.  


To be on the safer side of law, be mindful of how old do you have to be to rent a hotel room in the UK and in all the other countries. 

Know that the restrictions set in place, will not only keep you safe but also the people around you!