The Truth about hotel star rating system : What are 4 star hotels?

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If you love traveling, booking hotels comes as part of a package, unless you’re the adventurous type who’s more into camping! But for those more sophisticated ones out there, selecting and booking a hotel for each stay is definitely a chore.

Become an informed traveller : Find how old do you have to be to book a hotel!

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Introduction  How old do you have to be to [...]

7 Hotel early check-in essentials every guest needs to be aware of!

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Table of Contents  Hotel check in policies in the US  [...]

Hotels with a hot tub in room making your stay 10x better!

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The United Kingdom has always remained a top travel destination for millions of tourists due to its to-die-for views, heart-melting accent, iconic landmarks, dreamy-drooly gigantic castles and a radiant diversity of history & culture.

Pet friendly hotels: Travelling with pets made easier!

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In olden times when the concept of hotels was just flourishing, people used their horses and mules to travel, thus the inns and guest houses felt obliged to cater to these animals’ needs. 

19 Hotel Booking Mistakes & How to get ahead of them!

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Two of the most common reasons why people book a hotel room include business and leisure trips.For business stays, usually guests happen to spend half their day in their rooms, which is why the hotel booking criteria for them is different from those visiting for other reasons.

Travel Better : 15 Essential tick offs on every traveler’s checklist

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Traveling and exploring new destinations is not only exciting and thrilling, it is also a dream come true for many. People save up for the most part of their lives to have their desired vacation.

Travel Hacks: 23 DOs & DON’Ts when you Visit the UK

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As an old saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. The rituals and conventions of a country is what makes it whole. Be it swearing publically in Australia that can cost you around 150 pounds. Or smoking publicly in Singapore that can have serious repercussions. Respecting the rules, regulations and customs of any country you visit makes you a valuable tourist and improves your country’s image.

Plan a Perfect Getaway – Find hotels with best reviews in UK

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A lot of thought goes into planning perfect trips nowadays.Unless you’re a group of wild friends who want to experience the thrill & rawness of the outside world.Planning a vacation with your family or better half, not only demands a killer destination (only figuratively) , but also a day-end slayer-resting spot.

Exploring the UK – Top 3 attractions in the major cities of Britishers

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Whenever you come across the word “London”, it instantly runs a series of fascinating images right in front of your eyes.London’s unpredictable, yet poised weather – a light drizzle followed by a heavy snowfall – tea – brick architecture and bibliosmia (the scent of pages).

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