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Hotels with Jacuzzis scream quality!

3 Reasons you should select hotels with hot tub in room

Inside UK’s most luxurious hotels that offer hot tubs

UK’s 5 Top high-end hotels with a hot tub in a room

Possible Concerns Answered! 

  1. How clean are hotels with a hot tub in a room?
  2. Are you paying for real value or just bling? 
  3. Are hotels with hot tubs for everyone?
  4. How can a hot tub in your room be dangerous?


Hotels with a hot tub in room making your stay 10x better! 

The United Kingdom has always remained a top travel destination for millions of tourists due to its to-die-for views, heart-melting accent, iconic landmarks, dreamy-drooly gigantic castles and a radiant diversity of history & culture.

Without a doubt, there are infinite (figuratively) tourist destinations all over the UK that literally force people to travel thousands of miles!

One thing that can make your stay ten times better after this much wanted intentional physical grind, is to stay at a hotel with a hot tub in room!

To find out how and why, do read on.

Hotels with Jacuzzis scream quality!

Hotel industry in a country like the United Kingdom can’t be taken lightly, as it is one of the most expensive places to live in!

You won’t find hotels with private hot tub in-room or whirlpools, jacuzzis and spas in hotels on every other nook and corner, instead, only the hotels that thrive on high maintenance and top service quality can successfully maintain such intricate hotel business.

Well, at least this makes one thing crystal clear. Every such hotel you’ll find, will be a trademark for quality and will strive to make your stay laudable!

  • It’s all the buzz!

    Whether you belong to the zealous Gen z or the much earnest millennials, one thing’s for sure, you can’t travel around the globe and not let the world know about it, because after all, good experiences are all the buzz these days!

    Even your most favourite celebrities, politicians, travel bloggers and influencers will give you a splendid view of how incredible the experience of staying in hotel rooms with hot tubs is, which will further move your heart for a first-hand experience!

    Select the top hotels with a hot tub in a room for your perfect stay in the UK – only with Hunt hotels’ cyclopedic hotel catalogue!

3 Reasons you should select hotels with hot tub in room

  • The Ultimate Relaxation Formula

    Imagine you’ve just landed after a long draining flight and you’ve got a busy day ahead of you. Or, you’ve had a thrilling day exploring the UK  and just want to rush back to your hotel, so you could get some rest.

    Both these scenarios call for the ultimate relaxation formula i.e hotels with a hot tub in room.

    Just think about relaxing in the perfectly adjusted warm water, jets hitting just the right spots, the essential oils calming every nerve in your body and all of a sudden, all your day’s stressed body and sole muscles slowly starts soothing down.

    In addition to this, hot tubs also induce a sound sleep, which is perfect to keep the tourists relaxed and energetic since they have so much to do!

    If someone tells you, you look dazzling the next day, accept the compliment with grace, because that too is an invocation of your hot tub, caused by detoxification and increased blood flow of your body!

  • The Picturesque Views Whilst You Soak

    Most of the luxury hotels with hot tubs in the room will have riveting views that you can enjoy while you relax!

    The most asked for hotels with a hot tub in the room’s balcony are the city views, sea views or mountain views that are so aesthetically pleasing you’ll never want to come back home!

    What better way to blow off steam than to let the tranquilising hydrotherapy take over your body? Enjoy a relaxing weekend away with Hunt hotels’ inventory of UK’s hotels with a hot tub in a room.

  • Your Personal Mini Party Safe Haven

    If you’re an introvert who hates going to the clubs and raves due to overcrowding, limited food options, tacky music and no-sense-of-personal-space-people, hotels with a jacuzzi in room is the ultimate quintessential fix for you!

    Your perfect personal safe haven, where you can invite your close circle, order your desired snacks or room service, adjust the lights, play light music and just relish in delight!

    What’s even more delightful is that you don’t have to think about the aftermath, because you can just call in for housekeeping after you’re done!

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Inside UK’s most luxurious hotels that offer hot tubs

  • What to expect

    To start off, you can warn your brain to hit some new levels of satisfaction, because you’re in for a treat.

    At UK’s most luxurious hotels with a hot tub in room, you’ll be received by an architecture nothing short of a statement piece.

    Adorned with elegant furnishings and exquisite decor – the lobby, dining area and waiting areas will leave a spellbinding effect on you, at the very first glance.

    Moreover, the carefully adjusted natural light and add ons that create an atmosphere of unfathomable luxury followed by the deluxe rooms laced with detail.

    You’ll also find spas, customised massages, sauna, steam rooms and gym facilities.

    In addition to all this, the other hotel facilities and 7 course meals are the luxury add ons you can savour!

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  • The estimated cost

    You’ll find around 200+ hotels with a rating crossing 4.5 and 800+ hotels with a rating crossing 3 star and above.

    The estimated cost of these luxury hotels with 24/7 front desk availability, free wifi, private hot tubs and spa facilities is around 100 GBP – 1500 GBP for a single night stay.

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UK’s 5 Top high-end hotels with a hot tub in a room

  • Gilpin Hotel & Lake House – England

    Stay at one of the spa lodges at this 4 star hotel featuring a baroque setting that instantly lifts your mood!

  • The Dylan Coastal Resort – Wales

    For families looking for hotels with a hot tub in room, Dylan Coastal Resorts serves best, as their spacious, modern lodges offer 2-3 bedrooms with private hot tubs cascading breathtaking backdrops.

  • Woodlands Luxury Lookout Lodges – Scotland

    An eco-friendly hotel that offers fully equipped luxury cabins with private hot tubs amidst thick forests.

  • Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort – Northern Ireland

    This 4 star hotel offers a private hot tub in your room’s terrace at their beautiful Riverside Log Cabin that offers full privacy and a free breakfast.

  • Corinthia Hotel London – London

    Enjoy the ecstatic views of the city from this 5 star hotel with a hot tub in room balcony, featuring a walk-in closet and a personal butler for their Hamilton Penthouse.

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Possible Concerns Answered!

  • How clean are hotels with a hot tub in a room?

    By law, hotel hot tubs in the UK should be disinfected and cleaned regularly.

    Determining whether the hotels do it or not, is very difficult. But one thing is certain, there could be a lot of bacteria floating around this water.

    However, if you’re a germaphobe, you can ask the hotel management to clean the water jets after you have arrived.

    Rest assured, the chances of you contracting any disease by hotel with a hot tub are very low if you have a strong immune system.

  • Are you paying for real value or just bling?

    Honestly, you can’t put a price on experience!

    Installing a hot tub in your own house can be very expensive and time-consuming, besides you won’t get to experience the astounding views and the secluded atmosphere.

    But there are hotels that offer both, best value and just the bling!

    The best practice would be to read the reviews of hotels that have a hot tub in room before you actually select, this way you can be a better judge of whether you are paying for real value or just a knockoff.

  • Are hotels with hot tubs for everyone?

    Yes, everyone except kids under 5, pregnant women and people with a heart disease.

    If it is your first time in a hot tub, reading hot tub safety guidelines is definitely recommended to avoid a travel catastrophe.

  • How can a hot tub in your room be dangerous?

    Anything can be dangerous if you do not follow proper instructions and guidelines.

Infections, water temperature, skin allergies, UTIs, alcohol consumption and certain medications can collude with your hot tub experience.


Fun isn’t just associated with travelling and experiencing the outside world, sometimes whilst you travel hotels with a hot tub in room can also make your stays memorable and joyous!

If utilised properly, a hot tub experience with lush green backdrops and city views won’t only put your mind and body to rest but also refresh you to your very core!

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